Swimming pools and spas
  • Last updated:
  • 05 Mar 2022

Is your pool summer ready?

Supervision, learning to swim and effective pool fencing can save lives. Council's pool safety brochure[390KB] offers more information.

Pools capable of holding more than 300mm of water, must comply with the Queensland pool safety standard. This includes:

  • swimming pools
  • indoor and outdoor spas
  • portable and inflatable swimming pools.

All regulated pools and spas must have a compliant safety fence. This includes spas fitted with a lockable lid or cover.

Indoor spas are exempt from pool safety requirements only if:

  • they are situated in a bathroom, and
  • not continually filled with water to a depth of more than 300mm.

Does your pool comply?

To ensure your pool or spa is compliant:

  • check you have a building approval, and
  • ensure your pool is included on the pool safety register, and
  • get advice from a pool safety inspector about how to make your pool comply, or
  • contract a pool safety inspector to do a formal inspection with a view to getting a certificate.

A pool safety inspector's role is to inspect pools to decide if they meet the safety standard. Search for a swimming pool safety inspector.

Refer to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website for more information.

If you have concerns relating to swimming pools, please notify council.

Building a pool

You will need building certification before starting construction of your new swimming pool or spa. You can apply for certification from a building certifier.

Temporary fencing must be in place during construction of your pool or spa. Your building certifier can advise you about appropriate barriers.