• Last updated:
  • 28 May 2021

Rates contain levies set by council and/or the state government. They are:

  • Environment Levy
  • Transport Levy
  • Heritage Levy
  • State Emergency Management Levy
  • Rural Fire Levy.

The environment, transport, and heritage levies provide vital funds for projects that protect and enhance the Sunshine Coast region. Details of other levies are contained in council's 2020/21 Revenue Statement.

Environment Levy

Council applies the Environment Levy annually.  In 2020/21 the levy remains at $76. The levy:

  • supports the implementation of projects in the Environment and Liveability Strategy
  • protects and enhances our natural environment
  • supports purchase and management of conservation lands, catchment and coastal rehabilitation projects.

Transport Levy

The annual Transport Levy helps council plan for future transport needs. In 2020/21 the levy remains at $44. The levy funds projects that play a key role in:

  • improving public transport 
  • improving road and rail infrastructure.

Heritage Levy

The Heritage Levy aims to raise awareness of  local heritage and to celebrate Sunshine Coast's cultural heritage. The Cultural Heritage Reference Group gives advice to council on the importance of items selected.  In 2020/21 the levy remains at $13.

Emergency Management Levy

Council is required to collect this levy in accordance with the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990.

The levy set this financial year is in accordance with the Fire and Emergency Services Legislation (Fees) Amendment Regulation 2018. The revenue is sent to the state government. It provides for the prevention of, and responses to, fires and other emergency incidents.

Rural Fire Charge

The Rural Fire Charge assists Rural Fire Boards. The Overall Plan is Appendix 3 in the 2020/21 Revenue Statement. All funds raised from this special charge are forward to the Rural Fire Brigade Group. Council charges those considered to benefit, or have special access to, the service, facility or activity supplied.


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