Learn how to Recycle Right
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Jan 2023

Recycling is one simple way that residents can make a difference towards a cleaner, greener and sustainable Sunshine Coast. Last year (2020//2021), thanks to your efforts, 28,600 tonnes of recyclables was saved from landfill.

Helping you to Recycle Right

Contamination significantly impacts the effectiveness of recycling, and many of the recycling processes can be damaged or slowed by waste items such as plastic bags, batteries, or bicycle, computer, and microwave parts.

Some contamination – such as gas bottles, paint and nappies – can even endanger our workers or make their job more difficult.

By recycling right, we can keep our workers safe, increase resource recovery, reduce waste to landfill and create a more sustainable Sunshine Coast.

During March and April, our waste educators have been visiting households to help them recycle more.

Recycling videos

Watch our Recycle Right series and follow the simple tips to help you recycle correctly:

For more helpful information and tips on recycling, read council’s recycling fact sheets: