Individual Development Grants
  • Last updated:
  • 24 Jan 2023

This program supports individuals who are performing, competing or representing the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area at national or international competitions, conferences and events. Individuals must be selected by a recognised national body and provide a letter of selection. Funding will assist with expenses incurred while attending the activity.  

Information on eligibility, category priorities and assessment criteria

When is funding available?

  • Applications can be submitted all year round and are assessed every two months.

What funding is available?

While this program offers a maximum of $500 per individual, there is a sliding scale of funding amounts relating to the nature of the activity, its location, and (where relevant) the number of individuals from a team applying. (see table below)

Groups or teams attending the same event: The total amount of funding to members of a group or team attending the same event cannot exceed $2,000. Any team member who wishes to apply, must submit their own application. Team applications will not be accepted.

Nature of the activity Location Funding amount
International activity Overseas - beyond Australasia/Oceania $500
International activity Overseas - within Australasia/Oceania $450
International activity Within Australia, excluding Queensland $400
International activity Within Queensland $350
National activity Interstate - beyond NSW and ACT $300
National activity Interstate - NSW and ACT $250
National activity Within Qld - beyond South East Qld $250
National activity Within South East Qld (including Bundaberg) $200

When will I know if I have been successful?

  • 2 weeks from assessment date (applications are assessed every two months).

How do I apply?

What else should I consider when applying for funding?


For any queries please contact the Community Connections Team on (07) 5420 8616 or