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  • Last updated:
  • 04 Jul 2021

Healthy Sunshine Coast is an initiative of Sunshine Coast Regional Council. The program aims to increase health and wellbeing of our community by providing access to a range of opportunities to encourage people to become more active in their daily lives.

The program is supported by community minded people involved in health, fitness, sport, recreation and wellbeing industries in addition to training and development organisations such as TAFE Qld. We have a diverse mix of individuals, businesses and organisations delivering activities and a variety of host venues like community halls, recreation centres and other facilities.

Read the Factsheet[392KB] for more details about the options for participating as a Service Provider.

Flexible opportunities 

While we continue to rebuild the 2021 program after the 2020 suspension, additional classes and new activities may added to the program subject to budget and other constraints. Our priority is the activation of local council parks and community-run places and spaces like halls. We also continue to work with our community partners and Sport & Recreation clubs to highlight activities on offer outside of the program. 

Applications for new Service providers are through an Expression of Interest Application process (currently closed). Activities must be held within the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area. Please read the Factsheet[392KB] before applying to see if your proposed activity fits within the guidelines of the program. 

If you are a qualified, experienced and fully insured industry professional and are passionate about helping our community to be healthy and stay active then you may be eligible to become a Healthy Sunshine Coast Service Provider. Applications are through an Expression of Interest (EOI) Application process.

EOI Applications for new Service Providers are currently closed. 

You can receive an alert when EOIs reopen using "Alert Service Provider EOI" in the subject line please email  Healthy Sunshine Coast Mailbox 
Remember to include a daytime contact phone number and full name/business name.

The program's Factsheet[392KB] covers off the most frequently asked questions about being a Service Provider with Healthy Sunshine Coast.