Accessible tourism
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Aug 2022

Council has demonstrated commitment to accessibility through improvements to public spaces and places and the provision of accessible amenities, beach accessible equipment and matting.

To ensure the Sunshine Coast is an accessible and inclusive destination a collaborative effort is required from across the region. This includes Chambers of Commerce, accommodation providers, aquatic facilities and activities, entertainment venues and precincts, public transport, shops, restaurants and cafes. All those places and activities able bodied travellers take for granted should be available for travellers of all abilities.

Council is working towards improving accessible and inclusive tourism in the region. If you would like more information or are interested in collaborating to achieve this goal please email  or phone (07) 5441 8401. 

Accessible Sunshine Coast 

The Sunshine Coast has a number of great accessible destinations to offer from the bush to the beach.

Our region recently featured on Channel Seven's Weekender program as a great accessible destination. Some of the locations highlighted were:

Other activities for you to enjoy include: 

Accessible beaches and parks

For more information on parks visit the beaches and parks directory, this information includes accessible fishing locations, all abilities playgrounds, and adult changing places.

For patrolled beaches with matting and beach wheelchairs visit the Accessible Beaches Program