Responsible cat ownership
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Sep 2021

Your cat = your responsibility.

Responsible cat ownership means

  • Register your cat each year.
  • Council also offers lifetime registration for desexed and microchipped cats.
  • Keep your cat contained at all times - cats are not allowed to roam off your property. You may need to adjust your fence or build a cat enclosure if you want to exercise your cat outside.
  • Desex your cat - although not compulsory, this will help to reduce unwanted litters. Behavioural problems in cats can also lead to roaming issues.
  • Microchip your cat - if born after 1 July 2009 and before it reaches 12 weeks of age or ownership changes. 

Maximum number of cats

Local laws permit two cats per property. In unit complexes you must check with the body corporate whether animals are allowed. If you want to keep more than two cats you must apply to council. Complete and return the following form.

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