On-Road Bicycle Symbols
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Jan 2023
  • White bike symbols - for bicycles only
    Bicycle lanes marked with a white bicycle symbol are for the use of bicycles only. The following rules apply:
    • Motor vehicles may use the lane for 50 metres prior to turning.
    • Drivers should not park or drive in bicycle lanes unless turning.
    • New road rules allow cyclists to choose if they wish to ride in the bicycle lane or not.
  • Green lanes - for bicycles only
    • Green lanes are used where there is a greater safety risk to cyclists, such as at intersections and roundabouts:
    • Drivers must pay extra attention where green paint is used as cyclists may need to cross the path of turning traffic.
    • Drivers need to ensure that they give cyclists enough room and that they do not cut-off cyclists when moving outside lanes to turn.
  • Yellow bike symbols - cars and cyclists share
    When there isn’t enough space on the road for a bicycle lane, yellow bicycle symbols are used to remind road users that cyclists and motorists are sharing the road. The following rules apply:
    • Drivers should not overtake cyclists in these zones until there is enough room to safely pass or until the road widens.
    • When the symbol sits in the centre of the traffic lane cyclists can use the entire lane.
    • Drivers need to be aware that cyclists should ride at least one metre from parked vehicles to avoid being hit by opening doors.