Currimundi Lake Canoe Trail
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Jan 2023

Currimundi Lake Canoe Trail provides a safe, sheltered 6km paddle through urban and bushland areas fringed with paperbarks and she-oaks. The creek provides a peaceful haven for wildlife and canoeists.

Included in the canoe trail brochure[2064KB]:

  • a map of the canoe, walking and cycling trails
  • pathways, including coastal pathways, property boundaries and the beach
  • park areas and facilities.

Hard copies of the canoe trail map and ecosystem brochure (an ecosystem is a group of plants and animals working with air, water and soil) are available through visitor information centres or council customer service centres.

The trail

Currimundi Lake Canoe Trail is suitable for beginners and family groups because it is easy to find your way through the sheltered waters. It offers:

Convenient canoe resting places are marked on the brochure[2064KB]. To help keep the area beautiful and safe, visitors are asked to abide by a few simple rules.

When visiting our reserves remember

  • all native wildlife and plants in our reserves are protected
  • do not feed wildlife
  • stay on the formal paths around the lake edge
  • dispose of rubbish in the bins provided or take it home with you for disposal
  • dogs are welcome in the reserves but should be on a leash
  • cyclists should allow adequate space for people walking along the paths in the area
  • canoes and other watercraft should be launched from the designated canoe facilities, other watercraft should be launched from the boat ramps provided
  • use only designated resting stops as use of other areas can cause bank erosion
  • take care and supervise children when using our canoe and lakeside paths.

Canoe launching sites

Drive along Nicklin Way to Currimundi Lake from the north or south (Sunshine Coast UBD reference: Map 90). Visitors should use either Crummunda Park or Noel Burns pontoons to launch canoes. Parking, picnic sites, beaches and toilets are nearby. Westaway Parade has a boat ramp, parking, picnic tables and toilets.

Noel Burns Park

Turn right into Piringa Street from Nicklin Way, left into Pimpala Street and right into Mulloka Esplanade. The canoe launching area is at the end of Mulloka Esplanade.

Crummunda Park

Turn right into Gayandi Street from Nicklin Way, right into Mandara Drive and left into Coongarra Esplanade. The parking area and canoe launching area is at the junction of Coongarra Esplanade and Bareki Street.

Frank McIvor Park

Turn right into Gannawarra Street from Nicklin Way, left into Lara Street and right into Westaway Parade. Frank McIvor Park has parking and a canoe launching area.