Pelican Waters Lock
Canals lakes and locks
  • Last updated:
  • 20 Jan 2023

Canals, lakes and locks are an important part of living on the Sunshine Coast and form a key part of enjoying our waterways, both natural and constructed. Find out below what you can do to help maintain our waterways.

Living on a canal

The Residents' handbook: Artificial waterways answers some common questions about how you can help keep waterways clean, healthy and well-maintained.

It includes details about your responsibilities, how artificial waterways function and how you can help to keep these systems in good health.

This is especially important for you if you live on a canal or waterfront property.

You are responsible for the maintenance of your own private canal structure.

To help you know what things to consider to keep your revetment wall, jetty, pontoon, deck and boat ramps in good condition please refer to the Residents' handbook: Private Structures in Canals.

This handbook is general in nature and not intended to provide legal, engineering, building or other professional advice.

Parrearra Lake Lock

The Parrearra Lock allows boats to travel between the Parrearra lake and the Mooloolah River. Two weirs control the water levels, with a lock in place off Grand Parade so boat users can access the Mooloolah River at all times (except during maintenance).

An access card or Frequency Operated Button (FOB) is required to access the lock. To purchase a FOB please visit one of council’s Customer Contact Centres with your photo ID.

Details on how to use the lock system can be found in the Parrearra Lock user guide and remote key (FOB) access guide.

For more information regarding Parrearra Lake Lock, or to speak with the Coastal, Constructed Water Bodies and Planning Manager, please contact council.

Pelican Waters Lock 

The Pelican Waters Lock allows boats to travel between Pelican Waters Northern Lake and Lamerough Canal, while controlling a stable water level within Pelican Waters Northern Lake.

Learn more about the latest works taking place - download our project news.

Prior to 2016, the lock was operated by council for flood control. Following consultation with expert consultants at this time, it was determined that the operation of the lock gates had no beneficial effects in reducing the peak water levels in the golf course lakes, and that the effect of opening the lock was limited to the Northern Lake only. Furthermore, given that the lock was not designed for flood control it was found that continued operation of the gates in this manner could result in significant damage to the lock structure.

In light of these findings, and following extensive community consultation, the decision was made to cease this method of operation. The following documents provide the results of the consultants’ findings:

Details on how to use the lock system can be found in the Pelican Waters Lock user guide and remote key (FOB) access guide.

For more information regarding Pelican Waters Lock, or to speak with the Coastal, Constructed Water Bodies and Planning Manager, please contact council.

Canal maintenance review

An independent review of council’s existing canal maintenance activities has resulted in changes being made to the future works program on six major canal systems and a range of public access points across the Sunshine Coast. The review found that council was meeting its responsibilities, but further work would benefit our environment. The review recommended:

  • reinstating the original beach profile
  • removal of vegetation, rubbish and debris from the beach
  • revert back to rock profiles to all properties that had rock treatment in the original design
  • an audit of unapproved structures – with the view to request property owners with an unregistered structure to apply for approval to keep their structure or remove it
  • continue with the de-silting program
  • undertake regular beach surveys.

Council will change the sand level at each property to more resemble the original design profile. Prior to dredging, barges and excavators may reprofile the sand bank ready for the dredging and in some cases may only require this work to get the sand closer to the design level. For further details see the full report.

Lake Management Plans

Lake Management Plans have been prepared for each constructed coastal lake currently managed and maintained by council. These include:

There are a further five constructed coastal lakes with associated management plans. These are still currently managed and maintained by the respective developer and will be handed over to council in due course when the development process is complete.