Land for Wildlife
  • Last updated:
  • 24 Dec 2022

Land for Wildlife is a free, voluntary conservation program. It supports landholders to protect native plants and animals on their property.

The Land for Wildlife program offers members:

  • free land management advice tailored to their property
  • follow-up property visits and advice
  • free specialist workshops and field days
  • access to technical advice
  • regular newsletters
  • opportunities to meet other like-minded landholders
  • access to resources, including government grants and other incentives
  • a free Land for Wildlife sign for registered properties. This sign acknowledges the commitment the landholder is making to nature conservation.

View the Land for Wildlife video.

Land for Wildlife welcomes landholders who:

  • manage part or all of their property as habitat for native plants and animals
  • are interested in integrating nature conservation with other land uses, such as agriculture, grazing or tourism
  • have a property with at least 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of native bushland.

Land for Wildlife members can:

  • learn about native plants, wildlife and ecosystems
  • restore degraded habitat through revegetation and natural regeneration
  • reduce weeds and soil erosion
  • create wildlife corridors
  • improve water quality in creeks and rivers
  • help bring back threatened plants and animals
  • protect remnant forest, woodlands and grasslands
  • integrate nature conservation with other farming activities.

For more information on the Land for Wildlife program please visit Land for Wildlife Southeast Queensland.

To join Land for Wildlife or to speak to a conservation partnerships officer please contact council or email Land for Wildlife.

Environment and Liveability Strategy

Land for Wildlife is just one way council and our community are working together to deliver a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast. To see what else we are doing, view the Environment and Liveability Strategy.