Certificates and searches for property information
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Jun 2022

Council may need access to a property to conduct an inspection. If so, council may need the phone number of the occupant or the agent holding the key to arrange access.

When requesting a full onsite building search, an 'authority to enter' may also be required. Please refer to the individual search request form requirements.

Search types

  • building, plumbing and development searches
    Note: Information provided for building, plumbing and development is subject to availability of council’s records, refer to the type of search for details.
  • rates and valuation searches
  • business licencing and health
  • health records
  • licence/s on same premise
  • invasive biosecurity matter
  • property inspection declared pest plants
  • drainage deficiency area survey
  • flood information

Search application forms

You can request a search online using MyCouncil or complete a search application form.

Each form contains:

  • full details of the various searches available
  • timeframes for each search type
  • fees associated for each search type.

If submitting in person, complete the relevant form:

Other types of searches