Infrastructure Charges Resolution
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Oct 2020

Council's infrastructure charges resolution has been amended with the adoption of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 8) 2019 (ICR).

The ICR has been adopted in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act 2016 and the Planning Regulation 2017.

It sets out certain requirements for new development to pay infrastructure charges for the following council controlled trunk infrastructure networks:

  • transport 
  • parks and land for community facilities 
  • stormwater.

Refer to Unitywater’s Infrastructure Charges Schedule for information on charges for water supply and sewerage trunk networks. 

In addition to specifying charge rates, the ICR also deals with other matters relevant to the adopted infrastructure charges such as:

  • the charges breakup between council and Unitywater 
  • credits for existing lawful development or for previous contribution payments 
  • establishment costs for determining offsets and refunds for trunk infrastructure that is provided by development 
  • conversion criteria for non-trunk infrastructure. 

The latest amendments to the ICR are summarised as follows:

  • further clarification of the gross floor area definition and a new definition for “suite”
  • amendments to the adopted charge rates for intensive horticulture, rural workers accommodation, function facility and tent and caravan park sites
  • updates to the other adopted charge rates to be consistent with the current prescribed amounts stated in Schedule 16 of Planning Regulation 2017

The ICR has effect on and from Monday 23 September 2019.

Development applications decided on or after this date will have infrastructure charges applied in accordance with the Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 8) 2019.

More information

For more information about making payments, refer to the infrastructure charges for development fact sheet.