Standard Drawings Addendums
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Aug 2021
Std. Dwg. no.  Addendums to Standard Drawings for use in Sunshine Coast Council
GS-041 & 44 Black only PVC not green plastic, posts to be painted black

Bollard detail excepted only - no log fence. 
General use material preference is recycled plastic.
Where bollards are located adjacent to kerbside parking they should be a minimum of 800mm back from the face of kerb.
Bollards should provide colour and luminance contrast to their surroundings, particularly if they are adjacent to a pathway or disabled parking bays.

GS-045 Black posts/Black weld mesh or as specified by council.
TMR 1603 Black only PVC not green plastic, posts to be painted black.
GS-011 & 012 Use SM3 kerb type and concrete backing strip of 200mm instead of the B6.
  Inlet capacity charts are available on request without prejudice. 
Designers need to allow for local conditions.
Maximum depth of pit is 1.8m.
DS-031 Lean mix concrete is not allowed within the pavement box.
DS-041 Straw bales not used.
DS-061 Use of VS (1200mm) lintel is acceptable.
RS-065 Pathway widths
  • Access Street - 2.0m – minimum 1.5m around constrained point
  • Neighbourhood - 2.0m - minimum 1.8m around constrained point
  • District Collector - 3.0m - minimum 2.0m around constrained point
  • Sub Arterial - 3.0m - minimum 2.5m around constrained point
  • Arterial - minimum 3.0m - desirable 4.0m
  • Cycleway Local 2.5m
  • Cycleway Trunk 3.0m
CCS Black 21 (6% pigment) coloured trunk pathway 2.5m or greater.

RS-080 Kerb and Channel profiles to be used in this Council are as follows:
  • B1 – Design speed greater than 50km/h, channel invert width is 450mm – Main Streets, Park frontages
  • B2 – where no stormwater flow
  • SM3 – Median kerb
  • M1 – Design speed up to and including 50km/h
  • ER2 – Edge restraint
  • INVERT – Stormwater drain inverts
All kerbs shall be constructed with plain concrete using slip form with structural mix.
All kerbs shall be placed on a minimum 75mm thick gravel base that extends 150mm beyond the back of kerb.

RS-090 Desirable kerb ramp grade is 1 in 15, achieve a best fit to a maximum of 1 in 8.
RS-091 Council only accepts cut-through treatments, width dimension x be a minimum of 2m.
Median paths to be plain concrete with black TGSI’s.
RS-0130 No Council logo.
RS-0131 Sign posts are to be installed using a spike foundation system. Sign posts in concrete are to be installed using V-Sockets or Lock-Sockets.
RS-182 & 183  Bus bay concrete to be coloured 'CCS Stallion' to provide contrast to the boarding area.
PS-010 Type 1 – Alternative treatment only.
PS-016 Rest rail accepted – no deflections rails.

Current as at 9 June 2021