Development and building bonds
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Apr 2021

Council can hold a variety of performance bonds. This is to ensure development and building works are completed.

Sometimes an applicant will lodge a cash bond or bank guarantee to ensure compliance with certain conditions on an approval. When the conditions have been met to satisfaction, the cash bond or guarantee can be released.

Types of bonds

  • house removal security (building)
  • road works and drainage maintenance
  • landscaping maintenance
  • bio-basin maintenance
  • revegetation/rehabilitation performance
  • uncompleted road works and drainage
  • uncompleted landscaping.

Payment of bonds

Various bonds attract different fees. These fees are listed in the bond lodgement form and council's fees and charges.

Payment of the applicable fee applies at the time of the bond lodgement.


All bonds, including bank guarantees, must be accompanied by the relevant form:

The form ensures council has the necessary details to:

  • register bonds against the correct development or building works, and
  • return the bond to the correct entity upon completion of works.

For more assistance, please contact council's development services.