Project updates
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Nov 2021

Council continues to meet all of its environmental obligations as progress continues on the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project. Council continues to work closely with the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science (DES). DES has endorsed council’s PFAS management at the site.

Progress update

Sunshine Coast Airport’s new runway is nearing completion with lighting installed and will commence line marking on Monday April 6, 2020.

More than a metre of rain fell on the construction site between January and mid-March this year, including a significant weather event in February delaying asphalt placement at a critical time in the project. The asphalt placement is now complete.

Runway construction work will be completed by May 21, however the wet weather delay has put back the ability to undertake technical assessments and complete quality documentation required to open the runway on that date.

Mandatory contractual documentation and certification required to ensure its safe operation will now occur post that date and prior to handover to the Sunshine Coast Airport.

As a result, the new runway will now be operational on 14 June, 2020, subject to weather and COVID-19 not disrupting the program.

Any such disruptions to the program may mean the June 14 date will not be able to be met and programming will have to be reviewed.

The existing runway will remain available for use until the new runway is in operation to allow the current charter flight and general aviation activities to continue on the existing runway until that time.

Airservices Australia will continue to use the current flight paths to the existing runway, and these will remain in operation until the new runway is open.

Ponded site water report

Council has this week released more information about environmental investigations undertaken at the project site. The latest report contains more details about sampling undertaken, in relation to PFAS on the site. View the report[12735KB].

One isolated sample, which exceeded the adopted drinking water criteria, came from a groundwater well near the western end of the western General Aviation precinct at the airport. Validated and current groundwater modelling indicates that this groundwater will remain contained on the airport site. Council has several groundwater monitoring sites and an ongoing sampling and reporting regime is in place to closely monitor water quality on the project site and on land adjoining the airport.

Marcoola residents who use water extracted from bores to water plants or gardens are not at risk. The migration of PFAS through an aquifer is a complex process and is controlled by aquifer properties and surface drainage systems.

See information about council’s water release program.

Airspace and flight path design

On 9 October the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved airspace changes which will enable new flight paths to be in place to support the operation of the new runway when it opens. 

The detailed airspace and flight path design for the new runway at the Sunshine Coast Airport was out for community review from 20 March to 30 April 2019. 

Airservices Australia has released a two-part report. The report summarises feedback received during the notification period. Airservices Australia recently published the Sunshine Coast Proposed Final Design and Consideration of Feedback.

More information

For more information please visit the Engage Airservices website.

CASA approval for airspace change.

Council welcomes CASA approval

Airpspace and Flight Path Design frequently asked questions[1815KB].

Council's presented  at the Airservices Australia Round Table Stakeholder meeting 5 July 2019. View the [3293KB]presentation[3293KB].

Tree trimming program

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