Portfolio system
  • Last updated:
  • 05 Dec 2022

At its Ordinary Meeting on 30 April 2020, council endorsed the 2020-2024 Councillor Portfolios.

The Portfolio system provides Councillors with an opportunity to develop a heightened level of knowledge, leadership and representation across the region in a specified area of responsibility.

This new Councillor Portfolio System has a strong alignment with the Strategic priorities of council as outlined in the Corporate Plan and the organisation’s core responsibilities.

In addition to their responsibilities under the Local Government Act 2009, portfolio Councillors:

  • keep abreast of council proposals, issues and activities which are relevant to their portfolio
  • act as the official council spokesperson or representative on portfolio relevant matters
  • provide input and advice to council officers on portfolio relevant matters

There are six portfolios. They reflect areas of strategic importance to council and the people of the Sunshine Coast.

Portfolio Components

Region Shaping Projects - Project oversight, advocacy and representation to other levels of government on policy and program matters, regional planning and financing and funding of Region Shaping and other major projects.

Regional Advocacy and Intergovernmental Relations - regional representation and engagement with the Prime Minister, Premier and Federal and State Government Ministers and other governments (includes international relations).

Councillor Designation

Mayor Mark Jamieson

Portfolio Components


  • Community policy and strategy
  • Community program development and delivery
  • Community grant programs
  • Community events
  • Libraries
  • Community facilities planning, management and development
  • Multiculturalism

Arts and Heritage

  • Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board
  • Heritage Levy
  • Arts and heritage program development and delivery
  • Arts and heritage facilities planning, management and development
  • Indigenous Cultural Heritage


  • Transport policy and strategy
  • Transport Levy
  • Transport corridor and network planning
  • Parking and traffic management strategies, solutions and service monitoring

Councillor Designation

Cr Rick Baberowski and Cr David Law

Portfolio Components

Environment and Liveability

  • Environment and liveability policy and strategy
  • Environment Levy
  • Conservation estate (acquisitions and management), environmental operations, waterways management and monitoring

Place Development and Design 

  • Urban centres master planning and place making
  • Centre activation and revitalisation outside of priority development areas
  • Coordination of place making methodology and project reporting
  • Capital prioritisation to support endorsed place making outcomes

Councillor Designation

Cr Peter Cox and Cr Maria Suarez

Portfolio Components

Economic Development

  • Economic policy and strategy
  • Industry development
  • Investment attraction (excluding sourcing investment in the Region Making Projects)
  • Local business support services
  • Trade and export development programs


  • Collaborative Research and Digital Disruption
  • Economic Innovation initiatives (eg. encouraging start-ups, awards)

Tourism, Events, Sport

  • Collaboration with visit Sunshine Coast and management of Funding Deed
  • Sunshine Coast Major Events strategy implementation
  • Sunshine Coast Events Board
  • Major events sponsorship and support
  • Caloundra Music Festival
  • Council programming and support arrangements for events
  • Sport - events and industry development

Councillor Designation

Cr Jason O'Pray and Cr Terry Landsberg

Portfolio Components

Customer Service, Local Laws, Administration, Waste

  • Customer service standards and response
  • Service reviews
  • Monitoring customer and community satisfaction levels
  • Development, delivery and monitoring of the annual core Capital Works program
  • Development, delivery and monitoring arrangements for Council's asset maintenance program
  • Local Law reviews

Development Assessment

Development assessment services and standards monitoring 

Councillor Designation

Cr Christian Dickson and Cr Winston Johnston

Portfolio Components


  • Council revenue policies and financing arrangements
  • Budget development and budget review arrangements
  • Long term financial plan
  • Councils participation in Unitywater

Corporate Strategy Governance

  • Corporate plan development
  • Annual review of the Corporate Plan and performance measures
  • Operational Plan development
  • Corporate Governance Framework - implementation, review and monitoring
  • Performance monitoring systems and reporting including Operational Plan reporting

Councillor Designation

Cr Ted Hungerford and Cr Joe Natoli