Local Laws
  • Last updated:
  • 05 Jan 2023

Local laws help to govern the diverse communities of the Sunshine Coast region. Local laws govern issues such as:

  • parking
  • keeping animals
  • approvals for activities
  • bathing reserves
  • dog off-leash areas.

There is a type of local law called a subordinate local law. The principles contained in local laws are often provided for in more detail in their subordinate local laws.

The Sunshine Coast Council local laws and subordinate local laws were adopted on 1 January 2012. 

Since then a number of local law amendments have been adopted by council. These amendments are regularly consolidated into the local laws and subordinate local laws. This is done to make them clear and easy to use.

To view a full list of the local laws for the Sunshine Coast, visit the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website and search the local government directory or click the links below.

Local law reviews

Local laws are regularly reviewed. There are currently no reviews underway. 

You can find information on previous reviews and amendments under Community Engagement or the local government directory.

Local laws fact sheets

Council has created fact sheets to help you understand the region’s local laws. You can view these fact sheets below, along with the local laws and subordinate local laws.

Related issues

Managing Roadsides: Council applies local laws across all roads, including state-controlled roads, to improve attractiveness and safety.

Noise and Light: Council is responsible for investigating some noise, light and glare complaints. Find fact sheets, guidelines and general information about how to lodge a complaint.

Bulcock Beach Boardwalk: Regulations for fishing, animal on-leash and prohibited areas and use of facilities surrounding the Bulcock Beach Boardwalk.


For more information, visit the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning or contact council.