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  • 01 Oct 2020

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Bound for Success - Season 2

  • People are at the heart of success with Danielle Smith

    S2 E6

    "If you can keep everyone excited about their role and what they contribute then you will have people working really well together". In this episode we hear from Danielle Smith, inaugural CEO of the Sunshine Coast Lightning Netball Team. Sunshine Coast Lightning is the Sunshine Coast's first national elite sports team, winning two premierships in its first two seasons. Danielle shares the success story behind the team and valuable insights from her inspiring career in sport. She discusses community and performance as the two pillars of success, the importance of team members understanding their contribution to the team and the positive impact of sport on the community. She also shares tips on a career in sport, how vital it is to back yourself and why spending time with a diverse range of people creates great outcomes. All this and much more in this episode of Bound for Success.  
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  • Set inspiring goals and optimize each day with Richard Thompson

    S2 E5
    Richard Thompson is the founder of T-Zero Multisport and a world record ultraman athlete. In this month's episode of Sunshine Coast business podcast Bound For Success, Richard shares how he went from ultraman athlete to coaching a friend for triathlon which led to the creation of an online endurance multisport coaching group. He shares valuable insights on goal-setting, leadership and building a strong team. Be inspired by Richard and learn how to optimise each day. Listen to Bound for Success today to find out more. 
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  • The Beauty of finding the right career with Ann Donnarumma

    S2 E4
    "Customer service, common sense and hard work make a good business". In this episode we hear from Ann Donnarumma, Director of the International College of Queensland and owner of the hugely successful Demi International Beauty Academy. Ann discusses how she purchased and revived existing businesses, how to find the right employee for your business, the secret to a happy team and how to be a great leader. She shares a number of other fascinating insights from her incredible career thus far which includes teaching English to the Italian secret service, high level positions in banking and recruitment.
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  • Authentic leadership with Myles McNamara

    S2 E3
    "Authentic and consistent leadership is key". Myles McNamara is the CEO of Eye on It, a successful software solutions company based on the Sunshine Coast. In this episode Myles tell us how he entered the IT industry, built a highly successful business and how he maintains a vibrant, solutions-focused working environment. Discover pragmatic and practical tips on attracting the right talent for your business, trends in tech and the concept of organic mentoring. 
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  • Doing more while doing good with Feda Adra

    S2 E2 
    "If you are not feeling uncomfortable, you are not doing amazing things". Feda Adra is a powerhouse of contribution, she is the CEO of Be, a care-providing organisation which focuses on helping people live their best lives as they age. She has turned not-for-profits into highly successful business while continuing to help people at the core of her practice, tune in to find out how and to discover tips on leadership, finding your purpose, entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home parent and so much more. 


  • How to stand out from the crowd with Kim McCosker

    S2 E1
    "You're not going to influence anybody by looking just like everybody". In this episode we talk to Kim McCosker, author and founder of the 4 Ingredients brand. 4 Ingredients includes more than 30 cookbooks and a television show. Kim offers valuable insights into marketing, businesses challenges, authenticity and connection to your audience. 
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  • Family business with Naomi Elliott

    S2 E7

    "Lead by example, ask questions and involve everyone" 

    Naomi Elliott is the General Manager of successful Sunshine Coast manufacturer Concept Labs. In this episode we learn how Concept Labs was able to thrive and adapt through COVID-19, information on Australian made product and what increased production has meant for the company. We also discover the importance of support networks and everyone being on the same page, as well as the vital role of family in life and business. Listen to Bound for Success today.

  • Bound for Success - Season 1

    Catch-up or re-listen to the first season of Bound for Success, Council's Sunshine Coast business podcast and learn all about finding your purpose, becoming a CEO, being honest about who you are to find the perfect job, how to avoid burnout, finding a work-life balance and so much more. 
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